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Is Bankruptcy Right For You?

Ask yourself the following questions. Only you know the answer to these:
  • Are your paychecks getting garnished?
  • Do you have large medical bills?
  • Are you stuck using credit cards after making a minimum payment just to get by?
  • Are you behind on your car payment?
  • Are you behind on your house payment?
  • Do you owe taxes?
  • Are you getting phone calls from people you owe money?
  • Is the stress overwhelming?
  • Do you throw away your mail?
  • Are you here because you've almost lost hope?

Pay Off A Title Loan In Bankruptcy

Do you have a title loan with huge payments that never pay down the debt? You can pay off a title loan in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay significantly less on interest and payments. To find out how, read on. Pay Off A Title Loan In Bankruptcy A Title Loan is touted as a short term […]

Stop Garnishments

Filing Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy can stop garnishments immediately. If you need to stop garnishments today,  read on to see how a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can make it stop now.   Filing Bankruptcy Stop Garnishments A garnishment occurs when a creditor sues you, receives a judgment, and requests an order to garnish your […]

How Can I Afford A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How Can I Afford a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? If you’ve contemplated filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may have asked yourself “How Can I Afford a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy”. Unlike a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy fees need to be paid before your case can be filed.  Getting the money together to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be […]

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